Adeola is a multi-talented singer-songwriter. She is a fresh voice in the music scene with impressive vocals and natural talent for writing powerful songs. Her music is an interesting blend of jazz, soul, and pop, generating a truly distinctive sound.

Currently living in Paris, she performs in some major locations and Open Mics across the city, often leaving her audience spellbound by her powerful sound. 

Her debut release - The Call Me JACK EP with serves as her resounding introduction to her listeners. It features 3 tracks – ‘Give Me’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Lowkey’. The songs are a mix of jazz, soul, and blues guided by her strong and mesmerizing vocals. The Call Me JACK EP is a testament to the perfection in the diversity of every individual and an exploration of self.


With Freedom, she discusses her personal fights and struggles to free herself from the limitations of societal expectations. It is a sound that represents liberation and aims to inspire you to go after what you want. 

'Give Me' simply asks you to be you;To show the world all of you - your joys, your sorrows, your good, your bad, your imperfections, and perfections. 

Finally, the light-hearted 'Lowkey' expresses the need for love from the perspective of an unappreciated lover. It has slowly become a side chick anthem. You can get access to the EP here.

Adeola is inspired by the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse, Asa, Florence, Sade, and Lana del Rey.

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